I am now heading to Ellenvile NY to complete a training with the International Brain Education Association. I was going to wait until we get there to blog this but this can’t wait. (Unrelated) I just met (informally) this 17-year old girl who’s on the bus heading to the training with her mom and I cannot wait until my little lady JaydeC is old enough to do these things with her. You know, volunteering, traveling, hoarding more stuff for our individual vision boards together 😍😍 (sigh… felt a tear – I miss her already and it’s only been 3 hrs). 

So the curriculum for the training entails 1- basic education of the brain and body, the neuroplasticity and mind and body connection. 2- Aside from the lectures, we’ll be engaging in outdoor mindfulness exercise and indoor meditations. 3- we’ll then come back to NYC and attend a conference on reducing poverty and youth mental  well-being at the United Nation. 4- In certification ceremony we’ll need to define our world vision and goals. Eh voilà. By the time I complete this training I have the high aspiration to walk around in “Ghandi-mode”👌🏽

Now if we have spoken before, you already see my name all over this training. It has always been my vision to open a Wellness Center to provide both physical and emotional education not only to youth but women and men with challenging history. I believe that arts such as music, painting, writing or physical education such as yoga, meditation, martial arts can all contribute to a less unstable life. My approach is  redirecting negative emotions toward something productive. In building such vision,  I need all of the experiences that I can get. So far I have been attending several conferences on mental health, completing my concentration in Mental Health and Social Enterprise Administration. I have been focusing on expanding my knowledge by reading books regarding building such center and researching the necessary steps. A wellness center for youth may sound easy but  it really requires a lot of research; I will need to determine whether it’s going to be non or for profit and assemble a board with resourceful individuals then create a curriculum and company vision ect…. It’s all about being prepared- but I rest assured that nothing is impossible. 
Now enough with this literature, let’s get down to the fun stuff. So I got to Manhattan 3 hours before departure because I left the house with my boo and husband and got a ride to the train station. Walked to the UN – of course nobody was there yet. I ddnt want to be lurking around like a “suspicious gal with a backpack” so I went for a walk in the city and that’s how I saw that beautiful salon “Pink Blossom Nail and Spa” on the corner of 1st Ave & 44th st. I then realized I haven’t had a gel manicure in months (been “gauchely” doing my nail every week around midnight after baby sleeps). So I got offered a cheap package for well-deserved manicure with a Swedish massage and I did not hesitate 💅💁🏽

Then I walked back to the UN entrance around 2:30 and met Shin (probably spelled wrong) who is from Korea, in NYC for the first time and came exactly for this trip. 😀 We chatted a little bit then a young lady with the IBREA sign came and get all of us (about 20 of us) to where the bus parks because the driver couldn’t park in front of the UN at this moment for whatever the reason. So here I am on this bus with about 30 or so wonderful strangers 95% females – 85% Asian, 10% White and 5% Black ☝🏽, heading to this amazing training for this weekend. I know that my lady is safe and sound with her dad but I can’t help but feeling guilt and sadness and all sort of emotions because we’ve never been apart for that long. I don’t know if I can survive the next 2 days but I focus that in the grand scheme of things she will be more independent for it. Something about the guilt that we,mothers, constantly feel. Everytime I eat something delicious or experience something amazing I automatically feel that she should have been there. Thank God for FaceTime but I already look forward to the end of this training. 

I dedicate this piece to my one and only boo who (according to my current text ) is playing and singing right now 😍❤️.