As someone who spends a lot of my time just writing things down, it’s going to be difficult to refocus my system but it shall be done.  Many of us spend a lot of time talking about, writing about or debating the things that we WANT to do. That’s the main reason we have New Year Resolutions that we never achieve. To talk about or to write down what you want to do is only 1% of the task- it is necessary to voice it out and make it visible to the universe, however, without action this resolution is just another word on a piece of paper. That’s why this year instead of writing down my resolutions I made a Bucket List (which I’ll share another time). I listed actions instead of desires.  Sitting here on my break, I’m also thinking what if I do the same for every other aspect of my life. What if instead of saying I want to be happy, I start doing the things that make me happy.  In so, I have decided to make an extended list of everything that makes me happy whether they’re little things from my day, whether they are things that my husband does (I plan on giving him that list 😉) or other people do or more importantly activities that I can engage in with my little lady. I will be consciously moving through that list like crossing things out of my bucket list. 

Gotta go now. Im leaving you with this wonderful quote I found on Pinterest 

 – to be continued …..