I always look at what could be. I look at things or people, and I immediately seek for the potential. The minute I catch that,  I went through those blind instances where I am looking at things or people differently because I am not looking at them but through them. I always seem to ignore that when it comes to a human being, when it comes to people, I can’t look through them. The potential is merely in my head and not in them. The “could be” is a figment of my illusion – delusion.

Yes, it is a delusion to believe that you can ignore the person standing in front of you, behaving the way he does, and think that it is okay  because there is a potential somewhere in there. It’s almost like I enjoy carrying their pain with them until they are able to open up and find their own light.  So “Self Less.” How does one explain to a certain Self that she is needed somewhere other than through the eyes of others?