I have a problem with the expression of “Real Women have this or that” and even worse of a problem when the saying is coming from other women. Please do explain what you mean by “real women.” We women come in all sizes, shapes and shades. I would like to extend my sympathy to my ladies who feel that they are  “More Real” than the rest of us. Some of us are born naturally curvy, thick, skinny, slim whatever you choose to call it. Some of us have to work hard to maintain our weights while some others can eat a bowl full on a daily basis and not gain a pound. Others have lost their shapes because of our wonderful babies and some others stay as skinny as they were even after a second and third baby. Hey it’s our gene, it’s nature, it’s biology, It Is Life! Are you more “Real” because you have big breast, thighs, and soft tummy? Is your sister less “real” because she is skinny with no stretch marks? Us women like to put ourselves in those tiny boxes, which really do nothing but reinforce those stereotypes we are trying to fight. Now of course don’t get me twisted, I’m all about feminine empowerment and self-confidence but something about a woman implying that ” real women are the larger sizes ” that just doesn’t sit right in my world. How about we be specific in our affirmations like you feel beautiful with your tummy ok fine- beautiful with your big features fine – beautiful with with your skinny, slim features fine. Nothing is Wrong with women bragging about their features and upkeeping that self-confidence. If you want to address extreme magazine filter or editing that portray women in a uniform unreal way, SAY SO. Having whatever feature does not make you any more real than someone else. We are all women with different traits, birth marks, stretch marks, surgery mark, all kind of marks and some of us have nothing at all – are we then presumed walking Zombis? I mean WE ARE ALL REAL CREATURES, descendants of the Amazing Eve, from our men’s ribs, from God himself. Our Body is simply the best goddamm temple and mystery that was ever created ! Even our equal, these dear Men, can’t even begin to comprehend or understand or yet master the myriads of wonders, miracles, mystery, beauty with this masterpiece. There is Really NOTHING on earth that can compare to a Woman’s  body whatever the size or shape she is. WE ARE ALL AMAZING IN OUR OWN WAY. And to you my ladies if you have the sense to take care of your minds the way you take care of your bodies, danm danm Consider Yourself Fine As Hell! Yes that’s right feel no shame whatsoever in saying it loud! I mean you are a Lady 💁🏼💁🏼👌🏾

Love, L*T*