My little lady 

My sweet booboo

My blossoming sunflower 🌻 

Thank you for retrieving my soul. 

It is beyond me 

The mystery of you walking about 

With the absolute best part of me.

The part that I was looking for 

The part I thought had faded 

The part I desperately needed

To restore and renew my life contract. 

All of me is in you 

Yet I’ve been hiding somewhere 

Inside of you. 

Thank you for lighting my way out. 

The confidence in your eyes when you speak
Your resilience in getting back up each time you stumble 

Your impatience when your needs are not met 

The strength in your voice when you want to be understood 

Your irresistible smile that lights a day 

Your charisma mixed with that fearlessness that no obstacle is unsolvable 

These Are the things I seem to have lost 

And there you are – teaching me a life lesson. 

Some days when I hold you close 

And you smile and return my love 😍 

When I look at you 

I can feel as if in a whisper 

That you said 

If it were me mom, what would you do? 

And because I love ❤️ you more than the word itself 

And because I care for you more than anything in this world 🌎 

I then become aware of how little I loved my self. 

If it were me, what would you do? 

Why has it been so difficult to do that for you? 

Slowly but surely I process the answerS to your question ladybug …

But What a ride !