Maybe It’s the rain 

It’s the rain and the breeze and my jazz music 

It’s the kiss and the Love that are so unique.

It’s her laugh and his hugs and that warm feeling 

That appeases my soul and starts the path to healing. 


It’s the madness and the loudness and my restlessness

It’s his strength and his passion and his relentlessness 

It’s his love ❤️…. oh yes, his love ❤️ 

Or maybe it’s the blessed rain from above. 


It’s her tiny feet and her happy dance 

It’s her million questions and the sublime instance 

It’s knowing she’s a part of this happenstance 

And the joy of fulfilled  plans from such long romance 😍


Published by: Lady Trish

"I Am...." Every post has a piece of my soul-what better way to know about me...? Mind, body and soul are still in training. The little joy and moments I share are constantly shaping my Self. A student of life, always.

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