I want to ask your forgiveness for lying to you all of these years.

I clothed you and superficially adored you when deep inside I never truly loved you.

for that I am deeply sorry.

I am sorry that I was never strong enough to stand up for you

I am sorry that I let you fade to non-existence

I am sorry that I never gave you a chance to voice your frustrations

I am sorry I tortured you to silence.

I am sorry I empathized with your perpetrators and ignored your bleeding.

I guess – I am sorry for everything.

My vows to you may now worth less than nothing

but I would like to go ahead and whisper them to you.

From then on,

I vow to be on your side no matter what it takes.

I vow to cherish you and love you like no one has ever been able to

I vow to nurse your wounds and rock you to sleep peacefully until your tears are no more.

I vow to listen to you when you quiver to a strange touch and want me to speak your mind

I vow to relay your anger and encourage your innermost desire to glow

I vow to break that wall and let you go out in the universe like a wildflower

I vow to introduce you to genuine, natural, visceral love

The kind of love you will feel in your bones

The kind that heals your fresh scars with a kiss

The kind of love that sees past your smile and your curves

The kind of love you’ve always deserved.

None of this is your fault, I am responsible.

I let them look at you and pick away piece of your mind and body

I let them trade your heart for a few simple pleasures

While I sit on the sideline observing your resilience.

I am here imploring your pardon

I am sorry it took so long

Never again, will I allow you to be a pleasure, an instance, a memory, a taunting dance

I am sorry I kept running away from you.

I am now here, and here for you alone.

I am here to stay, to love you, to feel you, to be all you want me to be

I am all yours, now, forever…eternally.Healthruwords.com_-_Inspirational_Images_-_16-Listen-to-Nature.jpg