So here is to the awakening of my soul, a letting go of desperation, despicable attachment, delayed processing of insults.

Here’s to stepping out of a dream, the holding on to a perfect picture, the realizing of buried esteem, the finding solace in the rage of Eminem, the growing of an anxious butterfly.

Here’s to coming to term with shortcomings, to accepting reality, differentiating possessiveness from love, embracing pain and heartbreak, fighting the love of sadness, struggling with a shattered self.

Here is to allowing deserved happiness, evolving spirituality, kissing incessant tears, embracing loneliness, meeting my true self, accepting my brokenness, hoping to be one and whole.

Here is to meeting my lone wolf, slowing slipping out of the cocoon, delving into overdue meditation, introducing to each other all parts of my Self, letting go of fears.

Here’s to diving into oceans of emotions, the processing my brain, the heaviness of my eyes, the suffocation in my throat, the stillness of my tongue, the tightness of my chest, the burning in my stomach, the warmth of my blood speed, the weakness of my knees, the tingling of my hands.

Here’s to 10 books, hours of therapy, and mindfulness meditation. Here is to new. Here is to walking in that dark room – here is to meeting Me for the first time.