No Matter What

There is so much hatred, anger and nonsense in this world – loudness and rage in this corrupted wilderness – I wish I could shield my loved ones from all of it. I refuse to let this ruin my humanity and I refuse to accept that my skin is a barrier. I certainly won’t pass it on as a lesson to my child. I’d rather live away from it than perpetrate that forced inferiority. Yes the reality is harsh and the history is factual but the only few people we really have power to really influence are the ones in our homes and I REFUSE to reinforce the negativity. I have no control over my life and that of my loved ones but I pray that the shield of this Higher Power is so strong that I do not ever get reduced to less than a human being by earthly sufferings.



Published by: Lady Trish

"I Am...." Every post has a piece of my soul-what better way to know about me...? Mind, body and soul are still in training. The little joy and moments I share are constantly shaping my Self. A student of life, always.

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