Today was dull
That’s all I want to say

My morale was low
My confidence was stray
My emotions too strong
And nothing was right !

I wanted positivity
Charms and sweetness
Dedicated especially to me
I needed things that can appease my neediness.

My expectation was too high
My skin too sensitive
My heart too heavy
I needed to be told at least a white lie.

Days like this make me think my strong days might have been too strong for nobody to notice that I was sinking and in need of a good lie.

I wanted voice whispering in my ears
Arms cuddly around my shoulders
Funny jokes to laugh to
Words to giggle
Eyes that pierce my soul
Dedicated Songs to listen to
A long text to read
And a kiss on  my neck
I needed a dream to remember.

So yeah

Today was f*** dull
That’s all I want to say.