Dear Fellow Christians I’m conflicted.


I see some of you are quoting the bible and our former Protestant E. G. White claiming that it’s the prophecy unraveling & the end of the world, Jesus is coming ect… Thing is Jesus was supposed to come in the 1800s according to the prophecy but now that we’re in 2000s our current religious scholars decided it was a miscalculation – the 1800 was only new wave of SDA-HOWEVER Jesus will be coming soon! Im under the impression that you guys think everything that is currently happening in the world attest to that. Fact is NOTHING THAT IS HAPPENING IS NEW. 1-Sodom & Gomorra were ( allegedly) destroyed for homosexuality. 2-According to the genealogy in the bible we are all results of incest. 3- Slavery was so normal there are rules for it in the Old Testament
4- War was such a great conquest God directed his people on how to conquer countries and destroy the “said” enemies.
The world has survived countless of natural disasters & 2 world wars excluding the numerous civil movements and other casualties of terrorism.
The world survived genocide( which also happened in Moses time) and other dangerous environmental hazard all caused by us humans. But Jesus is STILL coming SOON. My question today is could it be that everything is just a matter of REGENERATION. I mean in 100 years everybody I know will most likely die. Possibly Not even my 3 month old will be alive. So one way or another we all end up dead and it’s just a matter of our legacy. The new generation will come and some will do great as the great predecessors and some will inevitably be criminals to also ensure the fate of their generation ect… So while I do believe there’s a higher power, I find it silly that we should keep proclaiming the end of the world and the coming of God.
Who’s to say that our current religious scholars did not make another “miscalculation “? Since I don’t hear of any new prophets in our generation, if what is happening is the unraveling of old prophecy- is that prophecy going to be around for the next generation or will the new scholars figure another miscalculation? If the prophecy will have been accomplished in this generation, does that mean there will not be a new generation? Before I can figure this out, I too will be dead so there is no knowing whether it was the end or the birth of a new crop.