I’m love with the idea of love
The endless kiss
The unending moments
The spontaneity
The deadly distance
The honest conversations
The charms in display
And the nakedness of nature.

I’m in love with the ghosts of love
The ones whose actions say it all
The ones who calmly wait
The ones without surfaced ego
The ones whose words heal
The ones who live the present
The ones who are perfect
Even in madness

I’m in love with the magic of love
The one in the fairy tale
The prince who wipes away tears
The kindest of them all
The beautiful castle built on promises
The promises kept and more
The touches that reach beneath the skin
And the demons fought with wisdom.

I guess that means I never grew up
I guess that means I never woke up
I guess that means I am still naive
I guess that means I live in a bubble
But again the romantic song in my heart never fades
And how can you ever fall out of love with a ghost that exists only in your imagination?