Like a breeze
Like the drizzle
Like a grey weather
Like the grass
Like the sun
Like these words
Like an argument
Like a fossil
Like a soft feather
Like naked feet
Like a wait
Like a silence
Like a bird
Like a loss
Like a martyr
Like a puppy
Like a song
Like many songs
Like a fathom
Like a ghost
Like a dream
Like a utopia
Like a sinner
Like a halo
Like a philosophy
Like a letter
Like a passion
Like a demand
Like a window
Like a spot
Like the sands
Like a boomerang
Like a reminder
Like a hate
Like a feeling
Like a scent
I fade
I feel
I breathe
I cry
I cry
I cry.
I am happy
Like a scent
Like a karma
Like a feeling
I fade
I feel
I breathe.
Like a train
I can’t stop ….
Like a reality
It’s cruel
To feel so deeply
To never forget
To hang on
To choose
To die
To live
To love
To fade
And fade again
And wake up …..


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