Dear mother posted this on Facebook today, and I just had to share it with everybody.

If you’re not inspired by this today, then it’s not our fault!
Enjoy 🙂

Rejection Is Ok”
Many people feel bad when they get rejected. Just because you are beautiful , rich and intelligent, that doesn’t mean they cannot reject you.
People get rejected from jobs, from a relationship, from a demand of, love, travel, financial, physical, spiritual Aids, etc,..
Rejection is okay.
Lot of reasons push people to reject others.
People may reject you because you are the best, or you are not good enough for them.
People may reject you because your style doesn’t match theirs.
People may reject you because you are too powerful or too weak
People may reject you because your beauty is more appealing than theirs, or they find you ugly or too old.
An employer can reject an employee because he doesn’t like him anymore, because the employee doesn’t improve his skills or speed. It may be also because the employer doesn’t want to pay a raise, or the company is going down, no profit, or the employer just tired with you.
The main thing is whenever you get rejected from a workplace, a relationship, a club, or a family, there have others places, others persons, others clubs others works that willing to take you, grant you, and comfort you.
Whenever you get rejected, if they allow you to ask questions, Ask about what you did wrong. If they don’t allow time for questions, just walk away like a boss. go improve your skill, your beauty or your manners if you have to. Do not feel depressed! Accept your defeat, accept that you are not perfect! Do not forget also, the person who had rejected you is not perfect either. He or she may have been mistaken by rejecting you, but admit that you are rejected. Work for the best. Strengthen your weak areas, and be proud of your strength.
Boost your self- esteem, if it s too high, lower it a little bit, but do not put yourself down. recognize all the beauty you have in you and all the demons. Forgive yourself, Regain your energy and move on. Come back in the market stronger than ever!


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