Immersing in new culture is the most wonderful remedy for a wrecked soul.

Tonight I drove for almost half hour into dreamland, floating through the breeze of the night where every yellow, green, and red light seemed like multicolored stars. Cheers to my recent unusual playlist mixed with Indian songs, Latino music, African spirituals, old French melodies and some Zouk.  It’s often said that the best way to immerse in other culture is through music. Oh well, I felt like a citizen of the world tonight.

here is an old-timer:


Opening to the universe to receive its many beauty and blessing is by far one of the rarest feeling existed.  Yes, I am conscious of my culture of origin, my norms and values, but I am also aware that there is a whole wide world out there. Most of the songs, I had no idea what the singers were saying. The whole mystery of taking that journey with love songs in strange lyrics with phonetics I will probably never be able to articulate was very uplifting.  The great thing is, whatever language is being used to express love, it all feels the same. It is funny how us human beings we choose to pick which culture is better than others, or which is dominant or inferior. It is natural to love ours much more; if not, well should we start counting how many other countries are out there?

For the past 2 years I have discovered a whole new being unfolding right in front of my eyes. The more sensitive I become to the nature surrounding me, the greater emotions I experience. My eyes capture things I never noticed before, my ears become accepting to things I would never dream of listening, and I feel things like my skin was inside out. I love like it is my only choice. I embrace anger, guilt, exhaustion like regular routine …. And through it all I thrive, and waltz, and transcend into the moods of the day like a feather and its guiding wind.


My moods, my impulses, my moments, my open-heart, my receptive/selective senses are like little bubbles of joy like a blissful rain washing away all traces of gloom.

My inspiration has now run out…

I am leaving you with this song that was sent to me by a friend. I could not stop pressing replay on that song…

Lady Trish


2 thoughts on “Half-hour Around The World

  1. This is really beautiful and thoughtful. I always find learning new cultures fun and interesting. It’s important to remember where you came from, but that does not mean you should not collect and recognize parts of different cultures that might better you along your journey through life. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience different ways of life.

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