Why is it that the oddest restaurants in NY serve the tastiest food??

On a random Saturday, My friend and her husband invited us (hubby and I) to go out to some “grill  restaurant”; that is exactly what they told us since they could not remember the name of this (shall be from now on) awesome spot. Hubby was not too fond of the idea since they told us not to wear any fancy clothes because we will be smelling like smoke after we leave the restaurant… and to think we will be driving all the way to Flushing was another dilemma…

Of course we went. Beautiful breezy Saturday night, the drive was nice… except when it came time to find parking of course.

Got to Flushing, in this little area where most restaurants either have a French, Korean names _ (what better way to explain the term “Habitus” which I learned from Sociology). What was Paris doing in Flushing NY, I don’t know. Anyway that is not the point.

Arrived at this small, awkward location with the small entrance I read the inscription “Picnic Garden”. This Korean restaurant has a nice layout out with a buffet of raw seasoned fish and meat- looking just oh so delicious!

what a centerpiece!
what a centerpiece!
plates next in line
plates next in line
Me eating Asian Style :-)
Me eating Asian Style 🙂
whatever pasta that was+ my well-seasoned veal cooked right on my table
whatever pasta that was+ my well-seasoned veal cooked right on my table

….. I will not describe the food. A picture is worth  a thousand words…right?

All I can say is that,  It Was a Wonderful Night Indeed!



2 thoughts on “Saturday Night In NYC

  1. You are welcome my doll. It’s was a beautiful night out with great friend+we are adventurous it’s was a great experience and a fun night out.

    1. you got that right! We always have the best of time. Ever wonder why we wasted our money on that fancy restaurant on my bd “MINT”? lol

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