So I experienced 12 different feelings/moods just today.

I woke up Anxious because I had a final for which I did not actually take the time to study. I started reading my notes while I was on traffic. Halfway through I balanced my life and the exam then figured it was not worth it. So I turned on my iPod to my chansonnette francaise and decided to welcome a peaceful mood. The trees were flirting with me, my windows were down, and the breeze took away every trace of anxiety in me.

Then I got to the school and enjoyed a great 25 minutes conversation with my professor, who was also early. I then went back to Study for the final that I took 1hr 30mns later. The exam was so easy I felt a boost of confidence.

Out of the blue my wonderful cousin texted me sending lots of love just because… then I learned about her achievements with last semester and sister graduating from high school and I couldn’t help but feeling so proud. As the oldest grandchild, I’ve always felt responsible to push and encourage these little ones to aim high and follow through.

Second favorite of the day- for the first time since I’ve been attending SBU I actually seat on the grass and enjoy the beautiful landscape. I don’t think I’ve ever sat on grass in my life. Today I actually placed my hands under my head and simply laid there staring at the blue and softly clouded sky, while feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. It was marvelous! Right at that moment I was as happy as can be.

Around 5pm I had an unnerving conversation, which led me to question my outspoken nature around people who like to hide behind curtains to perform their phony acts. Needless to say I was heated. For a moment music did not even help. I allowed myself a few minutes (1 hour) of anger and resentment. Then, I closed my eyes breathed in and out and agreed that I had no control over other people’s reaction. I can’t help it if I state the truth sometimes. I’m just at a point in my life where I have no tolerance for gossip and “fakery.”

By the time I made it to my last class I was exhausted. I was sleepy. I was restless and feeling extremely annoyed. For three hours in my training class I was not sure whether to get up and leave or kick my feet every time I’m falling asleep. Oh well, I made it through.

On my way home I saw a cat fighting for its life in the middle of the road. It was alive and kicking, but it looked like its legs were broken – a car probably drove over them. I felt really scared of driving over it, so I turned in the next street. I figured since the traffic was not heavy I could get it out from the street, at least. By the time I came back, a truck crushed its head. I was Horrified. I felt really really really miserable right at that moment, and I don’t even own a pet. It was a white with brown spot beautiful cat. I stopped there unmoved until the papa loco behind me honked me 3x.

Anyway, you know my day was emotional when it’s 11:59 and I am writing a post…

What a day!

And life goes on….